We offer flat-fee legal services to address your business challenges strategically, creatively and with compassion.

At Aligned Law, we practice proactive law—we view the law as an instrument that can create success and foster sustainable relationships, leading to more value for the business, its people and the community in general.

Reaactive and Proactive puzzle pieces representing how Aligned Law operates

The opposite of proactive is reactive, and unfortunately, that is how most people approach legal issues. Often times, business owners don’t think to contact a lawyer until there is an acute problem — a notice of noncompliance, a threat of a lawsuit, a co-owner who wants to be bought out.

We recognize that an acute problem might be what brings a new client to us initially, but we strive to transform the attorney-client relationship over the course of our work together into a more proactive relationship, emphasizing collaboration to achieve your desired goals. We work to build a solid foundation for your business and provide you with roadmaps for performance, trust and more sustainable relationships.

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We serve as a bridge between the old legal paradigm and the new relationship economy that is being born. When it comes to the law, many business owners simply don’t know what they don’t know. We can help educate you on the current legal framework so that you can put agreements and policies in place that comply with any mandatory legal requirements that apply to your business and protect you to the extent you need to be protected while pushing the boundaries of how we do business and relate to each other.

We work with organizations that are large enough that they need to put some thought into how they are structuring their relationships, agreements and policies—and need to document and organize those things in a way that serves them and the business.

We meet you where you are, and work with you over several sessions to put in place a legal framework that is in alignment with how you do business.

Schedule a no-charge initial consultation to learn more and we can advise you on which tier of subscription best fits the needs of your business.

To encourage the proactive approach, we offer several engagement options, including an entry-level monthly subscription service. With this service, you can rest assured knowing that you can reach out to us with a question at any time. When you bring your legal counsel into the conversation early, we can help navigate potential risks and roadblocks and steer you to the optimal structure or procedures for whatever it is you are working on.

For businesses that are not ready to invest in a subscription, we offer flat-fee a-la-carte services. By operating with this level of transparency, we hope to build a trusted-advisor relationship with all of our clients.

Our Most Requested Services

Business Foundations

Building and Protecting Your Brand and Your Work

  • Business entity formation
  • Copyright and trademark registration
  • Website Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy


Honoring and Providing
for Your Team

  • Correct classification of independent contractors and employees
  • Employee handbooks, policies and agreements
  • Options for employee ownership


Clarifying and Documenting
Your Agreements

  • Customized, plain-language templates
  • Contract review and drafting
  • Negotiation of leases and other agreements

Benefit Corporation

Aligning Your Legal Structure
with Your Values

  • Benefit company formation
  • Certifying an existing business
  • Drafting of annual benefit reports

Estate Planning

Creating a Succession Plan for Your Family and Your Business

  • Creation or update of wills and trusts
  • Durable power of attorney and advance directive
  • Business succession planning

Conflict Resolution

Addressing Underlying and Unspoken Needs

  • Conflict between co-owners
  • Employer/employee disputes
  • Commercial disputes

Are you seeking
legal advice and guidance
delivered with
heart and transparency?