We help our clients align their legal strategy with their business philosophy in service of their mission, their community and our planet.

We’re here as an experienced business legal advisor and counselor for our clients to help them and their business thrive.


Aligned Law is a values-based law firm serving the growing community of businesses focused on equity, sustainability and community. Formed as a benefit company under Oregon law and actively pursuing B Corp certification, Aligned Law provides holistic, heart-centered legal advice to like-minded organizations.

We strive to make legal advice accessible and practical by offering subscription services, flat-fee pricing and accepting credit cards. Aligned Law understands that legal questions arise in the context of solving a larger business problem, which is why we embrace collaboration and love to work with our clients’ other advisors, whether they be financial professionals, business coaches or branding agencies.

Aligned Law strives to offer holistic services that attend to the complete needs of a purpose-driven business—from formation, to trademark registration to lease negotiations to contract drafting to business succession planning .


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